Delivery set of the Production low-sized mobile aerostatic complex PROJECT «MAKS»:

  • The aerostat with rigging is composed of an aerostat envelope, a gas charging valve, an air valve, a gas exhaust valve, an aerostat empennage and rigging gear including tether, suspension and mechanization rigging;
  • The aerostat launching base (SBA) includes a superstructure with 16 helium cylinders, a superstructure for an alternating current generator, a trunk for storing the aerostat in folded condition, a winch panel device and carpet for unfolding and filling the aerostat. On the SBA platform is mounted an aerostat tethering system with parking ring for retention of the aerostat during the time between its lifting et descending and an electrical winch with conductor-and-support cable;
  • The command vehicle (КShА) has a compartment for the entire complex command including monitoring and communication systems, a cargo compartment for transportation of video cameras, gas filling station with power supply batteries, mobile meteorological station, entrenching, bench work and other tools and an amenity compartment equipped with all necessary furniture, household appliances and four sleeping berths. The KSha vehicle compartments are provided with exhausting filtering devices and heating and air conditioning systems.

Characteristics of the Aerostatic complex «MAKS»

Aerostat length 10800 mm
Aerostat weight no more than 42 kg
Maximum useful payload weight 20 kg
Maximum envelope cut volume 80 m3
Static lifting altitude of the TА with 20 kg useful payload no less than 350 m
Outhauling/inhauling speed no less than 1/1 m/s
Lifting gas (TU 0271-005-45905715-2011) helium
Aerostat deployment time no more than 1.5 h
Duration of the aerostat continuous being at the operating altitude with the useful payload 10 days

The tethered aerostat is designed for lifting to the altitude of 300 m, keeping at the prescribed altitude and descending the 20 kg useful payload.