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Dolgoprudnenskoe Design Bureau of Automatics

The development and creation of airships, aerostats,
as well as special-purpose systems

The aeronautics was neither a science nor an industry. It was a miracle.

I.I. Sikorsky

Five «E» for all aeronautical vehicles – their “Effectiveness", "Efficiency", "Ecology", "aEsthetic" and, of course, "Exotic", that are the best arguments promising aeronautics development in Russia

Make silver dirigible, and it will give you 100 percent of net profit on invested capital, and even a dirigible from pure gold will bring you a decent interest

«The man has no wings and 72 times weaker than birds as to relative weight of his body to the weight of his muscles… But I think he will fly. Not relying on his muscle strength, but on the strength of his intellect»

N.Y. Zhukovsky