Multipurpose mobile aerostatic complex «Peresvet» include:

  • The aerostat with rigging is composed of an aerostat envelope, a gas charging valve, an air valve, a gas exhaust valve, a nose mooring system, an aerostat empennage and rigging gear including tether, suspension and mechanization rigging;
  • Conductor-and-support cable. The aerostat mechanical link with the aerostat cable winch is carried out using a conductor-and-support cable with a length up to 4,500 m that insures the aerostat onboard electric power supply to feed the payload equipment;
  • Aerostat tethering system (UAU). In initial position the aerostat complex is maintained by the tethering system. The tethered aerostat attached to the tethering system UAU can freely feather under the wind action turning 360 degrees and its installation on an automobile chassis provides it with required maneuverability;
  • The mobile gas filling station is intended for compressed helium storing and filling of the aerostat envelope with the lifting gas;
  • Diesel-generating electric power station;
  • Three searchlight;
  • Spare parts, tools and accessories set.

Specifications of aerostatic complex «Peresvet»

Aerostat envelope volume 3000 m3
Maximum operating altitude 3500 m
Aerostat weight 1000 kg
Payload weight 300 kg
Electricity power applied on board 4,5 kW
Aerostat outhauling speed 2 м/с
Aerostat inhauling speed 2 м/с
Admissible wind dynamic pressure at the operating altitude 40 kgf/m2
Wind speed during inflation 8 m/s
Wind speed during outhaling and inhauling 15 m/s
Hovering at operating altitude without gas replenishment 15 days
Lifting gas helium
Number of crew members 8-11 pers.
Ambient temperature -40...+40 °С
Dynamic pressure up to 40 kgf/m2
corresponding to the wind speed of 25 m/s
Aerostat outhauling and inhauling at the wind speed of no more than 15 m/s
Wind speed during ground mooring 30 m/s

Following the aerostat launching into the air space and its retention at the desired altitude with required payload (apparatus) provided with electrical power supply, complexes ensure:

  • supervision of different projects construction and reconstruction;
  • real-time monitoring by video surveillance and radio tracking systems current situation of water areas, national frontiers, highways, residential sector, places of interest and of sports, social and entertainment events;
  • search and rescue operations;
  • monitoring the current situation in the agriculture and forestry;
  • maintaining and relaying communications;
  • environmental monitoring;
  • monitoring the situation of hazardous industries, main oil and gas pipelines;
  • illumination of objects in a dark time;
  • hydrographic and geographic research;
  • promotional activities.