Delivery set of Fire detection system SOP-62:

  • 6 signaling device channels;
  • possibility to protect two compartments (3 signaling device channels per compartment);
  • low probability of false operation (mean time between such failures as false operation no less than 5х107 hours);
  • continuous monitoring of the signaling device channels and continuity of the executive unit circuits;
  • data exchange on two dual-redundant buses CAN (ARINC 825);
  • low power consumption (less than 200 mА);
  • possibility of power supply by two independent direct current buses with a voltage from 18 to 32.2 V;
  • registration of the system operating time during the flight and on the ground.

Specification of Integrated fire protection system for trendsetting aircrafts SOP-62

Executive unit BI-062C
Length 220 mm
Width 132 mm
Height 83 mm
Unit weight no more than 0.9 kg
Operating temperature -60...+85 °С
Universal fire signaling device USP-3
Signaling device weight no more than 0,061 kg
Channel response temperature from 200 to 350 °С
Number 18 pcs
Operating temperature in the protected compartment no more than 180 °С

The fire detection system SOP-62 is intended to generate a signal “FIRE” in blown engine compartments of the aircraft power plant.