Delivery set

  • outer envelope from an airtight fabric;
  • gastight balloons;
  • 4 internal combustion engines;
  • radio-command system.


Envelope cut volume 520 m3
Envelope diameter 16,000 мм
Maximum speed 70 km/h
Maximum flight altitude (above sea level) 1,000 m
Maximum flight range 40 km
Maximum special useful load 100 kg
Lifting gas helium/stab. hydrogen
Equipment set power consumption 1 kW
Voltage on board 27 V
Ambient temperature -10...+30 °С
Relative air humidity (at t = 35 °C) up to 98%
Complex transportation speed 70 km/h

During intended application the dirigible ensures in all weather conditions allowing its operation:

  • delivery of an equipment set to the zone of application 40 km distant from the difigible basing site, and vice versa;
  • supervision of construction and reconstruction of different projects;
  • real-time monitoring by video surveillance and radio tracking systems current situation of water areas, of national frontiers, highways, residential sector, places of interest and of sports, social and entertainment events;
  • search and rescue operations;
  • monitoring the current situation in the agriculture and forestry;
  • maintaining and relaying communications;
  • environmental monitoring;
  • monitoring the situation of hazardous industries, main oil and gas pipelines;
  • illumination of objects in a dark time;
  • hydrographic and geographic research;
  • promotional activities.